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Gladwin County

Trails In the area

Gladwin County, located in the northern reaches of Michigan's Lower Peninsula, provides a captivating haven for mountain biking aficionados. With its picturesque blend of dense forests, undulating terrain, and tranquil lakeshores, Gladwin County caters to riders of every skill level. Whether you seek a serene cycling experience or crave the challenge of rugged trails, the county offers a diverse range of options to suit your preferences. The local trails, such as those in Gladwin City Park and the ORV Trailhead, provide scenic journeys for bikers, while the thriving mountain biking community, complete with group rides and events, ensures an inclusive and communal experience. If you're in need of equipment, local outfitters offer rentals and expert advice. Safety and conservation are paramount, with respectful trail use and environmental mindfulness encouraged. Embracing the various seasons, Gladwin County welcomes cyclists in spring, summer, and early fall, offering an unforgettable mountain biking adventure in a naturally stunning landscape.

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