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What Is CMMBA?

The Central Michigan Mountain Bike Association (CMMBA) is a 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit organization. We teach both adults and children trail stewardship and healthy living through mountain biking, and to create a bicycle friendly community through cycling awareness, safety advocacy and promotion of bicycling for fun, fitness, and transportation. The CMMBA seeks to preserve, protect, and promote mountain bike access and diverse riding opportunities on Michigan’s public and private lands through education, communication, and unified action.

Our Team

Steve Keeley is a dedicated member of the CMMBA team, residing in Clare. His passion for mountain biking is evident through the array of bikes he owns and rides, including a 2019 Canyon Neuron Trail bike, a 2021 Framed Alaskan Carbon fat tire bike, and a 2022 Canyon Spectral:ON Enduro EBike. When it comes to favorite trails, Steve's love for variety prevents him from selecting just one, but he holds Copper Harbor in high regard, with Marquette as a close second. In 2023, Steve is embarking on his first year as a mountain bike racer, set to participate in events such as the Down Country Enduro at DTE and the renowned IceMan race. Luckily, Steve has managed to avoid any serious injuries during his mountain biking endeavors. Among his favorite bike components is the dropper post. Outside of his involvement with CMMBA, Steve extends his love for the sport by volunteering as a coach for the Midland Mountain Bike Crew and the 906 Adventure Team Midland. During the day, he works as an Electrical Engineer, showcasing his technical expertise. Steve also enjoys watching the "Calirado Kid". His dedication to the mountain biking community and his diverse experiences in the sport make him a valuable asset to CMMBA, and he's always eager to share his knowledge and enthusiasm with fellow members.

Steve Keeley

C.J. Brey, a board member of CMMBA, calls Midland home. C.J. has a penchant for two impressive bikes, the Carbon Salsa Bucksaw and the Carbon TCR Trek. Among Michigan's trails, Boyne Forest and Sidewinder at Avalanche hold a special place in C.J.'s heart.

While not claiming to be a professional MTB racer, C.J. has a sense of adventure and an open spirit toward the possibility of racing. Fortunately, there have been no serious injuries in C.J.'s mountain biking journey thus far.

C.J.'s favorite bike component is the AXS XXI Derailer, and they tune into Seth's Berm Peak for MTB entertainment. Beyond the CMMBA board, C.J. is the proud founder of MMBc, further exemplifying their commitment to the MTB community.

By day, C.J. is a Key Account Manager in AI Robotics, showcasing an impressive professional life. C.J. extends a warm invitation to CMMBA members to join in and help raise funds for building and maintaining more local trails.

C.J. Brey
Vice President

Malcolm Fox, a dedicated board member with CMMBA, resides in Mt. Pleasant and has quite the collection of bikes, including a Trek SuperCaliber, Norco Fluid, Norco Revolver, a Jamis fat bike, and a Norco Search gravel bike. His heart belongs to several favorite trails, including Marquette NTN, Keweenaw Point Trail, and his own backyard trail.

Malcolm enjoys MTB racing and has a tie between two favorites: "24 Hours in the Old Pueblo" and "Iceman." Despite some minor setbacks like a broken collarbone and torn cartilage in the hip, nothing serious has held him back from his passion.

When it comes to his bikes, Malcolm doesn't play favorites but enjoys various components. He's an avid follower of many MTB shows and YouTube channels, including Singletrack Sampler, Seth and Co., GMBN, Syd and Macky, BKXC, TrainerRoad, and more.

Beyond the CMMBA board, Malcolm contributes to the MTB community through trail building, riding and racing with the local club, and simply enjoying time out on the trails. In his professional life, he's retired from 40 years in the pits. Malcolm extends a warm invitation to fellow CMMBA members, sharing his extensive experience and love for the sport.

Malcolm Fox

Pete Little, a dedicated board member of CMMBA, calls Mt. Pleasant home. He enjoys riding a NukeProof Scout 290 and has a soft spot for the Dragon Trail in Michigan. Pete isn't an MTB racer, and luckily, he hasn't experienced any serious injuries while mountain biking.

Pete's favorite bike component is the dropper post, which adds convenience to the ride. When it comes to MTB content, he leans toward GMBN as a favorite YouTube channel.

Outside of his involvement with the CMMBA board, Pete serves as the Director of Parks and Recreation in Gratiot County. He extends his dedication to the mountain biking community and invites everyone to explore the trails.

Pete Little

Casey Smith, a board member with CMMBA, resides in Sanford, Michigan, and boasts a collection of three bikes, including two fatties and a gravel bike. Among Michigan's trails, Casey's top pick is Burns Road. While not a professional MTB racer, Casey has a deep fondness for the ICEMAN race.

In the early days of MTB journey, a handlebar incident resulted in a slight shoulder separation, but that didn't deter Casey, who continued riding throughout the season. Casey's favorite bike component is the Rolling Thunder tires, and they enjoy watching the SHRED SHED series on PinkBike.

Beyond the CMMBA board, Casey lends support to the local bike shop, almost like a part-time job (shhh, don't tell the wife). Casey's day job is as a Sales Manager at Richardson CDJR / Chevrolet Gladwin, a family-run business, and Casey The Auto Guy is the name to ask for.

Casey's message to CMMBA members highlights the transformative power of mountain biking, having shed over 100 pounds thanks to the sport, and encourages others to get out and ride.

Casey Smith

Chris Maltby serves as the Trail Coordinator in Alma, MI, for CMMBA. He resides in Alma and has a passion for riding several bikes, including the Cannondale FSi 1 Himod, Ritchey Outback, and Ritchey Road Logic. His favorite trail is Big M, and he's a dedicated participant in the Lumberjack 100, having completed 12 of them.

While Chris hasn't experienced serious injuries from mountain biking, he has some interesting encounters, including being hit by a deer and bitten by a goat. His favorite component on his bike is not specified, but he enjoys anything related to bike racing in MTB shows and YouTube channels.

Outside of the CMMBA board, Chris extends his involvement to the Friends of the Fred Meijer Heartland Trail, where he has been instrumental in getting three public repair stands installed this year. In his day job, he is the owner of Terry's Cycle. Chris encourages CMMBA members to share his passion for cycling and invites them to join in and enjoy the trails.

Chris Maltby
Trail Coordinator/Alma

John Keyes, the Race Event Coordinator at CMMBA, resides in Saginaw. His bike collection includes a Pivot Mach 429, Pivot Les, Transition PBJ, and a custom BMX by FBM. He has a fondness for the Burns Road trails locally and enjoys riding at Hanson Hills and Boyne Forest Trails around the state.

As an MTB racer, John's favorite race is the 8 Hours of Ithaca. Remarkably, he has managed to avoid serious injuries, with the most significant mishap being stitches in 2022. John's favorite bike components are wheels and tires, crucial for a smooth ride.

In terms of MTB content, he follows Vital MTB and Pinkbike. Beyond the CMMBA board, John is actively involved as a coach with MMBC and cycling through Boy Scouts. In his day job, he works as an engineer, and he has a simple yet compelling message to share with CMMBA members: "Riding bikes is fun!"

John Keyes
Race Event Coordinator

Darren Bartle, a dedicated board member of CMMBA, resides in Midland, MI, and is a proud owner of several bikes, including the Trek Fuel Ex, Trek Farley, Trek Stache, and Salsa Journeyman. Among the trails in Michigan, NTN South Trails in Marquette holds a special place in Darren's heart.

Darren is an MTB racer, with the Crusher and Polar Roll being top favorites. Although there haven't been any major injuries, there have been a fair share of minor mishaps along the way. Darren's cherished bike component is the dropper seat post, enhancing the ride experience.

When it comes to MTB content, Darren enjoys watching "Call of a Lifetime," a docuseries on the 2022 Lifetime Grand Prix race series, and "Adventure Stache." Beyond the CMMBA board, Darren plays a crucial role in running the Adventure Team Midland, a part of the 906 Adventure Team, and is a certified BICP mountain bike skill instructor.

During the day, Darren works as a Journeyman Lineman, but at the moment, he's taken on the role of a stay-at-home dad. He extends a warm invitation to fellow CMMBA members, emphasizing that mountain biking is a sport for everyone, and encourages all to come out to events or clinics. As a community, they aim to help the mountain biking community grow and hope to see everyone on the trails!

Darren Bartle

Calvin Webber is a member of the CMMBA board, residing in Sanford, Michigan. He's an enthusiastic rider, owning a Commencal Clash for Enduro MTB, a Norco Rampage for Dirt Jumping, and a Poseidon X for gravel biking. Calvin's preferred trail destination is in Marquette. While not a competitive MTB racer, he takes pleasure in watching races and creating content on YouTube. By day, he works as a financial analyst and is eager to share his biking experiences with CMMBA members. A headshot photo of Calvin can be found here.

Calvin Webber

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