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Midland County

Trails In the area

Nestled in central Michigan, Midland County beckons mountain biking enthusiasts with its diverse landscapes and well-maintained trails. Riders of all skill levels can find their niche amidst the county's lush forests, winding rivers, and scenic parks. Notable biking destinations include the Chippewa Nature Center, where serene paths follow the Chippewa River, and Midland City Forest, offering a mix of trails to accommodate various abilities. The vibrant mountain biking community in Midland County frequently organizes group rides, events, and races, fostering camaraderie among cyclists and facilitating the discovery of new trails. For those without their own equipment, local bike shops stand ready to provide rentals and expert guidance. Safety and environmental stewardship are paramount, emphasizing trail etiquette and respect for the natural surroundings. While spring, summer, and early fall offer optimal conditions, the county's biking adventures are a year-round attraction for riders seeking the perfect blend of challenge and natural beauty.

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