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Clare County

Trails In the area

Clare County attracts mountain biking enthusiasts with its diverse landscapes and well-maintained trails. Cyclists of all skill levels can find their perfect ride amidst the county's lush forests, sparkling lakeshores, and rolling hills. Noteworthy biking destinations include the scenic Pere Marquette Rail-Trail, offering picturesque views of the Muskegon River, and the Mid-Michigan Community College Nature Trails, which provide a range of challenges suitable for riders with varying degrees of experience. Clare County boasts a vibrant mountain biking community, with local clubs and organizations regularly hosting group rides, events, and races, fostering camaraderie among riders and facilitating the exploration of new trails. Whether you seek the tranquility of woodland paths or the thrill of rugged terrain, Clare County delivers an unforgettable mountain biking experience in harmony with its beautiful natural surroundings.

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